How to Use

Joomla Keen IT Responsive Portfolio will help you to generate pricing table in the dynamic and easiest way.

For using this component into your site follow the following site:

- Download Keen IT Responsive Portfolio component from Joomla extension Directory.

- Unzip first the downloaded package.

- Then logged into joomla admin.

- Go to extensions > extension manager.
- Under upload package file, choose the downloaded file
- Click upload and install.

- Same way install package

- After installing it.

- Go to Components->Keen IT Portfolio

-  Then Go to Components->Keen IT Portfolio ->Portfolios - Project Category: Create your portfolio categories first

- After Creating categories  go to Components->Keen IT Portfolio ->Portfolios -> Portfolios: Create your portfolios according to your categories.

- After creating portfolios your backend setting done. Then need to work for showing frontend.

- For showing your portfolio into frontend you can choose two option -> First option by creating a menu it. Another is you can use module.

- In this way you can show portfolios into your site.

If this extension is helpful please provide feeback into Joomla extension directory.